Welcome to LPG Conversions Gold Coast

For many years taxis, fleet operators, couriers and transport businesses travelling large distances have known about the Economical and Environmental advantages of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). With the increasing price of Unleaded Petrol and Diesel LPG is now a very viable and economical choice to reduce the costs of motoring. LPG Conversions Gold Coast is affiliated with the largest installer and operator of LPG vehicles on the Gold Coast, First Class Taxis Pty Ltd.

About Us

First Class Taxis is a fully owned and operated family business that has been established for over 17 years on the Gold Coast. Our fleet of LPG powered vehicles has grown to over 80 during these years. We specialise in LPG Conversions, installs and regular servicing for such businesses as the taxi industry, airport transfer services, courier vans and utes, postal delivery services, community transfers buses, limousines and the public's private vehicles.

The 17 years of LPG Conversion experience allows us to offer you the best LPG Conversion and servicing of your LPG system on the Gold Coast. Our highly experienced and friendly staff are more than happy to explain to you the Economical and Environmental advantages of converting to LPG.

Our specially designed mechanical workshop operates 24/7 this allows us to convert your vehicle to LPG at your convenience. It also allows us to do your regular LPG servicing after hours if you require. We understand the requirements for businesses to have their vehicles on the road during the busy daytime periods.

Our highly trained office staff will have all the Governmental Rebate Forms and required paperwork completed for you when you pick up your newly LPG converted vehicle. If you have any questions or enquires please contact us via email or if you would like to talk to one of our experienced LPG installers directly please call.

07 55 22 15 25